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Chairman Kaneko Motoaki interviewed with the director of Shuangfeng


Chairman Kaneko Motoaki interviewed with the director of Shuangfeng

On 30th Jun, Mr. Tong Youzhu, who is the director of Shuangfeng EconomicDevelopment.

Zone has interviewed with a line of Mr. Kaneko Motoaki (the Chairman of SHINANO KENSHI company),and the deputy director Mr. Wujun also has joined the interview.


Chairman Kaneko Motoaki has introduced the recently development of SHINANO KENSHI company,thanked for the supports from Shuangfeng Economic Development Zone to Hefei Shinano Motor Co., Ltd.(the affiliated company of SHINANO KENSHI). “With a good investment environment of Economic Development Zone, Hefei Shinano company is going to enlarge the manufacturing capacity continuously”, said by Chairman Kaneko Motoaki.


Subsequently, director Tong has discussed with Chairman Kaneko about the second-phase project of Hefei,

Shinano Company, which is located in Shuangfeng Economic Development Zone. Director Tong said that, with the rapid improvement of Hefei city comprehensive strength, he hoped Hefei,Shinano motor company can enhance the R&D ability and enlarge the sales area while enlarging the manufacturing capacity, so that Hefei Shinano motor company will be built as a demonstration company.


It is reported that, in the past 2015 year, Hefei Shinano company has achieved an annual production value of 200 million RMB, and the forecast 0f 2016year is 400 million RMB, which is 2 times growth towards 2015 year. 



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