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Anhui TV Interviewed Shinano Kenshi


   On February 23rd, Anhui TV’s reporter visited our company, GM Mr. Tsutiya, Factory Manager Mr. Mao, General Affairs Manager Mr. Li and other leaders were interviewed.



  During the interview, we reviewed the development and operation of the company in recent years and made a detailed introduction of the company's import and export business. And then the FM Mr. Mao led the reporters to visit the production line and introduced the process of motor production to them.
  The reporters gave high praise for the company’s achievements during development and were impressed by highly automatic production. And they are expecting that our company will continue to make effort to deepen the reform of the company and making more achievements.





 At the end of the interview, Mr. Mao said that the development of enterprises cannot do without the support of the government, hoping that in the coming NPC and CPPCC, the government could pay more attention to the development of foreign enterprises, to further improve their autonomous innovation ability.


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