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Shinano Kenshi Japan President Kaneko paid a visit to Tong Youzhu


Mr. Kaneko, the President of Shinano Kenshi Japan paid a visit to Mr. Tong Youzhu, the Director & Appoint Secretary of the Administrative Committee of Shuangfeng Economic Development Zone, on 22 June,2017. They made an in-depth exchange of views regarding to Shinano’s phase-2 expansion project .
   President Kaneko expressed his appreciation for the support and help that The Committee gave to Shinano Kenshi Hefei and promised that Shinao will continue to expand her production capacity in future and the phase-2 project will be focused on technology development, innovation and further optimization of product structure.
   Director Tong said, Shinano Kenshi hefei has made obvious development in recent years and it’s one the best foreign company in Shuangfeng. The Committee will coordinate with all related departments to give full support to Shinano’s phase-2 project. And meanwhile, he also expressed his expectation that Shinano could make more breakthroughs on technology development and production sales.


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